Koprubasi Dam And Hepp Project

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Project Details

  • Name of Project
    Koprubasi Dam And Hepp Project
  • Place of Project
  • Employer
    DSI (State Hydraulic Works)
  • Contractor Company
    Ak-eli & NVS & Sal Ordinary Partnership
  • Commencement and Completion Date
    2002 - 2011

Project Features

Construction of this dam was started on Devrek Stream in 2002 for energy production and flood control. The rock body fill dam which has a body volume of 7.330.000 m³, and an elevation of 108,00 m from the river bed, was completed in 2011.

With Koprubasi Dam and HEPP, the majority of the potential of Devrek Stream, a branch of Filyos River, shall be used and converted into electrical energy, meanwhile prevening floods which often occur in the region. Total installed capacity of the project is 78,88 MWm and annual average energy production is 203.120.000 kWh. The energy to be produced constitutes 3% of the Energy Potential of Filyos River.

Koprubasi River and HEPP Project is;

  • The Underground Hydroelectrical Power Plant which is accessible through the longest access tunnel in Turkey / 1100 m
  • The deepest Underground Hydroelectrical Power Plant in Turkey / -205 m
  • The Underground Hydroelectrical Power Plant which has the longest tailwater tunnel in Turkey / 4950 m
  • Koprubasi Dam is a clay- core rock fill type dam.

Details Of Cement Used In The Project

Approximately 87.000 tons of cement was used in the project.